Partnering with independent local physicians for successful value-based care


We are building a national network of physician partners who have sustained their independence through value-based care with higher quality, greater equity, lower cost, and better compensation


Primary Care accounts for 5% of healthcare costs in America, yet PCPs have the ability to control 80% of downstream spend

“[P]rimary care, which is expected to serve as the universal front door to the healthcare system, is not garnering resources commensurate with its potential to influence population health outcomes and overall value.”



PreferCare’s solution is to partner through joint ventures with existing, independent physician organizations in smaller markets to build comprehensive solutions

The PreferCare Solution
PreferCare Partners


We are partners with physicians, not vendors, to navigate value-based contracts through joint venture together

PreferCare Providers


We are providers, co-managing with local physician practices through virtual and on-the-ground teams

PreferCare Scale


We use technology and virtual engagements to create scale for success in smaller cities and rural areas

PreferCare Staff

Clinical & Engagement Staff

PreferCare both extends our physician partners and embeds staff in their practices:

  • Staff
  • Tech
  • Analytics
  • Capital
PreferCare Analytics


PreferCare Connect is a single platform connecting PreferCare with physicians:

  • A fully-integrated, digital health platform supporting a full range of in-home and virtual care management needs.
  • Integrated business intelligence studio
  • Made available to all physician partners
  • Supporting coordinated, comprehensive, longitudinal patient care
PreferCare Analytics


PreferCare informs physician partners with data and analytics to reduce cost and improve outcomes

PreferCare Capital


PreferCare capitalizes joint venture relationships with local physicians by funding:

  • Investment in resources necessary to manage risk contracts

Management Team

Innovators in primary care, population health, and value-based contracting and informatics

Brook Bishop

Chief Executive Officer

Founder, CEO Spiras; Co-Founder, SVP BreatheAmerica

Jonathan Weiner

Co-Founder & Executive Board Chairman

Co-Founder, CEO OR International; President, McKinsey

Michael Barr, MD, MBA

Chief Medical Officer

EVP NCQA; CMO Baltimore 
Medical System

Mary Flipse, JD

Co-Founder & President

Chief Legal Officer,
Tivity & Healthways

Rick Moore, Ph.D.

Chief Information & Security Officer

CIO NCQA; HITRUST Assessor, Retired USAF Major, Adjunct Professor @ Hofstra & VCU

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